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Invitation from GregO:

The DayLight Forum is only as good as the people who populate it. Its heart and soul is made up of those who volunteer to take charge of its myriad needs. When I wrote "ResoNation" and first conceived of the Forum I saw myself as a "conversation starter" -- someone lighting a fuse that would ignite the pent-up energy of a nation tired of corrupt government; inequality among races and sexes; and people dying in needless wars that are sapping money needed to build schools, repair roads and bridges, and to feed the young, the weak and the elderly. Borrowing a quote from "ResoNation," " Whatever happens to the least of us happens to all of us.

We need people in every legislative district to provide a list of ballot issues and candidate slates so we can present them at our Heat Map section. We need thoughtful, unbiased, researchers to write the background information behind every candidate or issue being put up for a vote on our Heat Maps. If you can't be unbiased, then be intellectually honest enough to offer both sides of an issue even though you adamantly disagree with one side.

We need thoughtful writers who can expand the topics mentioned at the Issues page and in the book, ResoNation, which started all of this. I encourage all who wish to truly contribute to the DayLight mission to read ResoNation. It will ensure that we are "on the same page" going forward.

We need compliance monitors to ensure that all aspects of the DayLight Forum, including Heat Map research, will be fair & balanced so we do not run afoul of IRS guidelines that could compromise our tax-exempt status.

We need grant writers for the various programs that you wish to support.

We need people who are expert in the advertising and advertising sales field to help ensure that our Heat Map banner ads produce enough income to eventually preclude a need for donations. If you enjoy the concept of "sticking it to the man," when "the man" does not have our best interests at heart, then you should enjoy the fact that the ad revenue that makes DayLight work will come largely from the same "Big Money" and selfish "Special Interests" who currently control Congress. They will love our demographic.

We can always use tech help with the various aspects of our Website -- especially suggestions about cutting edge technologies and services that will make the Forum simply the best political community of conversations on earth. So, if you're up to it, or have an idea about how to make the Forum better, please e-mail your thoughts and offers to and one of the team or I will get back to you. How many people get the opportunity to be founding fathers and mothers of a 21st Century America?

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