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 Message from GregO:

The DayLight Movement and this Forum are products of countless conversations with Americans of every race, creed, nationality and income level about how we can make our country and the world a better, safer, place.

This is the place to speak the "unspoken" i.e., things that our "politically correct society" has made us fearful to express. Your suggestions will stimulate a national conversation that starts here and will carry on in our homes, our businesses and, for some even in their places of worship.

Issues will be chosen based on an aggregated preponderance of similar expressions submitted by your fellow registered members. By voting, we will register our feelings about a particular issue in a manner that forms a virtual "heat map" of our nation's desires, goals and the best means to achieve them. A vote that truly represents our wishes, not those of Big Money or too-narrowly focused special interest groups.

Mindful of our statement of principles, please submit your suggested issue in one sentence, similar to those offered in our heat map Issues list. Then in 25 words or less please state why you feel that exploration of your issue can help make America, and the world, a better, safer, place.

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