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A public meeting place on the Web that will act as a local, state, regional, and national town hall...
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   Principles       ( Work-in-Progress by DayLight Volunteers )

The DayLight Movement and its are a non-partisan platform for American citizens to learn about and influence the course of government and the direction of our country.  Our members are dedicated to making America and, by extension, the world a better, safer place.

While we strive to make our democracy strong we acknowledge and respect the fact that, for many nations, "classic democracy" may not be the only form of peaceful, productive, government. 

All people, regardless of race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation or political beliefs, are welcome because "unconditional inclusion" is the only way we will ever be able to have truly constructive and complete communication about how to resolve the challenges and differences that divide us and, at times, alienate America from most of the international community. 

Lively, vigorous debate is encouraged. To that end, we will be developing and introducing some entertaining and effective ways for simultaneous discussions to take place in an atmosphere of intellectual competition and goodwill. We realize that the Forum is, by its very nature, a place for conversational "sparks" to fly but, profanity, pornography, personal attacks, and copyright infringement will not be tolerated. Transgressions will be dealt with swiftly and on an escalating scale ranging from warning to membership termination. Whether a transgression has been committed will be determined solely by the DayLight Forum administration team.

As with any aspect of the Forum, your comments and suggestions can help make it more productive toward achieving our goal of a safer, better, America and world.

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