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A public meeting place on the Web that will act as a local, state, regional, and national town hall...
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The DayLightForum’s “National Town Hall” has been referred to as a “community of conversations and common interests.” A powerful driver of this community is our national issues “heat map,” which can virtually eliminate voter apathy by increasing your voting power by a thousand-fold, at least.

Basically, here’s how it works: You must first become a member by signing in and "registering to vote".

Registered members simply go to the Forum’s home page where they will see a small icon in the form of a map of the United States. Click on it and you will be taken first to this orientation page (which you can subsequently skip) and then on to an “Issues” page where you will find a list of the most requested or pressing issues of the day. Choose an Issue and it will link you to a US “Heat Map” where you will vote “Yes,” “No” or “Undecided” on that particular issue.

Each Heat Map will register votes, geographically – first with tiny “pin-points” showing viral propagation. at the national level and then with a combined numerical and color-coded representation at the state, city and even zip code levels. For even greater detail, you can click on a particular state, which will then expand to fill the whole screen, thereby providing the ability to show cities and even towns. If a city is clicked, it will show votes by zip code.

Our elected officials will be able to see how their constituents feel about the issues that are the most important to them. They will either respond to this strong visual display of the people's will, or ignore it at their peril come the next election. In effect, we are creating a precursor to an actual federal Internet voting system.

Even though DayLight voting will be unofficial, your influence over our elected officials will increase by a factor of 1000 or more because you are no longer “just one person casting a vote alone in a voting booth.” You are now part of a highly visible “intelligent movement” of like-minded caring citizens.

You can also hit the "Why I voted" button and expand on your reason for voting on a certain issue. Members can submit photos and homemade videos about important issues or candidates. You can even have your own blog page and VIP access to special events. When we can see that our input really counts, we will have gone a long way toward eliminating a feeling of being powerless to effect change, and we will be building a valuable community of proactive Americans who want to make our nation a better, safer, place.
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