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A public meeting place on the Web that will act as a local, state, regional, and national town hall...
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As you click through the various link buttons, you will notice that many areas of the DayLight Forum are "work in progress." That's because this is YOUR Forum, to be shaped and developed by those who will actually be using it. We have provided a basic superstructure for you to build on. Now it's your turn. Send us your comments and suggestions and we will endeavor to incorporate as many as possible.

There are so many ways to use and benefit from the DayLight Forum.

You can:
  • Learn and even argue about political candidates and important issues by participating in a "community of conversations" with fellow registered DayLight Members.

  • Vote on important issues and for candidates at the various DayLight Heat Maps.

  • Expand your vote by telling why you voted, either in a short written comment or video or on your own DayLight Blog page

  • Help select new issues for discussion and a possible vote.

  • Influence our elected leaders at all levels via a powerful visual message that our Heat Maps will send about how the nation truly feels about a particular issue or candidate -- a message that our elected leaders will be unable to ignore and, if they do, it will be at their peril the next time they have to stand for election. The war in Iraq is a good example: If most of the nation truly believes that it was a mistake, why should we have to wait 4 years for a change in the White House before we can undo it?

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