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   Welcome to the DayLight Forum
   Together we can make America and the world a better, safer place

Welcome to the DayLight Forum, a place and a means for us to transform our current form of government into one that is beholden and responsive to the people, rather than to Big Money and Special Interests.

Woody Allen once said, "80% of success is showing up." Now that you've taken that first step, come participate in the creation of a safer, better, 21st Century America.

Through the Daylight Forum, we hope to create a "community of common interests" - a rich interactive environment and public meeting place on the Web that will act as a local, state, regional, and national town hall. It is a place where each of us, regardless of race, creed, political affiliation, education level or financial standing, can tangibly contribute to improving America and the world at large. All we have to do is show up regularly and express our opinions.

At the center of the DayLight Movement is an interactive "heat map" that offers a place for users to vote on important issues, express personal opinions, and most importantly, shape the direction of this online community. The following pages provide a more detailed description of the overall DayLight Movement and also describe this national issues "heat map" that can virtually eliminate voter apathy and provide a better, safer, life for you and your loved ones.

Our goals are to:

Create an online community where people are able to express their opinions, weigh in on important issues, and feel empowered to change the way in which we interact with our government

Make government an open book that all can easily read, and make it available any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.
DayLight Heatmap Concept Presentation
A public meeting place on the Web that will act as a local, state, regional, and national town hall...
Sample of Current Voting Issues
HeatMap Orientation
The DayLightForum's "National Town Hall" has been referred to as a "community of conversations and common interests". Read more...
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