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Should untaxed income wired home by illegal immigrants be taxed?

Illegal aliens are estimated to cost our US healthcare system more than $15 billion annually. Because they do not have health insurance, they use our emergency rooms as doctor's offices and demand free treatment and medication from various well-intended programs that were created to help our poorest citizens. This is a tremendous drain on an already overloaded system. Recent news reports estimate that illegal aliens wire home more than $45 billion to their home Latin American countries every year. If they were taxed on money that they earn, under the table and untaxed, at the same rate as other LEGAL income earners, that money could help offset the above referenced drain on our healthcare system. Even then, we still need to address a similar drain on our education system (see the chapters on Immigration and Education in "ResoNation).

An argument against this is that, "these people should not have to pay taxes on their earnings because they are being paid below minimum wage by unscrupulous employers." But no one is forcing them to come here or to accept these jobs. An accompanying argument says that, if illegal aliens are not employed, American citizens will not do the work for the same pay. This argument falls apart when you consider that the ones making out here are the employers who pay so little. If there were no illegal aliens, they would have to pay more for the jobs. As it stands, the American taxpayer is supplementing these employer's businesses, just as it is paying for illegal alien healthcare and education. Hospitals simply deduct their losses from their income tax obligation, which then gets absorbed by all taxpayers. Education is directly taxpayer supported.

To those who argue that paying higher (i.e. more realistic) wages will hurt our economy, I offer the one of President John F. Kennedy's favorite quotes, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

So please vote and then tell us what you think at, "Why I Voted."

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