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A Somali immigrant becomes an American citizen only to plot to bomb hundreds in Oregon.  An Oklahoma judge OKs application of Shariah law in our courts. Somali cab drivers given asylum in Minnesota arbitrarily refuse to pick up certain Judeo-Christian passengers. Somali cash register clerks refuse to ring up ham in a grocery store.

 We are no longer just letting people in. Along with many good Muslims and other faiths, we?re letting in fanatic cultures and value systems that oppose our national Judeo-Christian values and way of life. While we all try to be ?politically correct," they are violating OUR constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

 I saw this coming in Holland back in 1975 when second generation Moluccans committed terrorist acts.  It?s one thing to become a cultural and racial ?melting pot? and quite another to allow your culture and economy to be overrun by selfish, hateful and fanatic foreigners intent on disrupting unity amongst races, nationalities and creeds. Ask England how letting in Africans in numbers far greater than it?s infrastructure and welfare system could absorb them, has worked out. 

Bottom line:  We need to better filter our entrants; create a means to return those who gain citizenship on false pretenses; protect those who, based on religion or skin color, get lumped in with the trouble makers; monitor and, when necessary, close schools and mosques that preach against the Rule of Law; and keep our legal system clear of Shariah law. 

"Unconstitutional?" Fanaticism does not qualify for constitutional protection.

What do you think?

Posted by ..:: GregO ::.. at    11/29/2010   15:37:37
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