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Yesterday I wrote about the near impossibility of defeating a dedicated, fanatic guerilla force that is fighting on its own turf and sleeping at home.  Ignoring history, the Obama Administration and Congress (the same folks who spend our money with no restraint and send our young people to needless death overseas) remain steadfastly obdurate and deaf to the voice of the American public.

 Promises to ?kill Al-Qaeda?s leaders? insult our intelligence.  Al-Qaeda is not a person or even a group of people. It is a mindset fed by a deep taproot of fanaticism that was seeded by the needlessly criminal manner in which Israel was formed by the Americans and the British. A taproot that is nourished by American blood in places where we should not be and for reasons which are not true. How many more innocent lives need to be lost before we take the steps to neutralize that level of animus? I hinted at the answer, yesterday:  ?Follow the Money.?

Borrowing from a 2007 blog, ("Mindset for Peace"): ?Money settles the nerves.?

Would displaced, maltreated, Palestinians have felt the need to fight so hard to get their land back if they had been given something of equal value in return? Would the United States and its allies be viewed as demonic, hegemonic, Imperialists? Would the resulting Middle Eastern hatred of the United States, and resentment of our presence there, have grown to such proportions that resulted in events like the devastating attacks on American military barracks in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and the attack on our very soil on September 11th? Remember, Osama bin Laden's stated rationale for the 9-11 attack had to do with Arab resentment of our presence in the Middle East, especially the Arabian peninsula, and perceived favoritism of Israel and Jewish people over Arabs and Persians.

 Chasing and catching specific terrorists, like bin Laden will only result in others taking their place because this is about religious and cultural principle, not about hatred for Westerners. As academic writer, Curtis Bowman stated in a December 2004 essay, ("What Does Osama bin Laden Want?") bin Laden himself said, shortly after 9-11, ?George W. Bush was wrong to claim that we hate freedom." He added: "If so, then let him explain to us why we don't strike, for example, Sweden." 

Nor will peace come by erecting walls, like the one in Israel. Walls can never be high enough to keep out hate or rockets.

 When will our leaders get the message that America?s brand of forced imperial democratization and desire to control oil is not welcome in cultures 2-3,000 years older than ours?

If we want peace let?s first ensure that the Palestinian people receive greater financial aid than the relative pittance they receive compared to the $6 Billion gift we give to Israel every year. Now, before the usual reactionaries jump up, I?m not advocating deducting even a penny from Israel.  We just need to take care of a responsibility that we created in 1947-48. A prosperous and happy Palestine will take neutralize its own internal strife and fanatic elements.

Posted by ..:: GregO ::.. at    08/03/2010   12:29:34
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