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I'm back and blogging hard! I paused for a while to devote time to getting the DayLightForum funded and actually launched but things are getting so bad nationally and internationally that it's my duty and your duty to stand up and speak out.  

 Recent disclosures about the war in the Middle East and recent headlines about its true progress bring to mind a simple fact: As a former Army Artillery Officer I can tell you what any buck private knows:  No military force, no matter how powerful, no matter how "in the right" it might be, can defeat a dedicated fanatic guerilla force fighting on its own turf and sleeping in their own beds.

 The French were defeated in Vietnam. The most powerful military and economic force in world history, the good old United States, was also defeated. The Russians lost in Afghanistan and now it's our turn to lose American lives in a lost cause. Within 180 days of our departure (if we ever go) the centuries-old tribal culture and ways will reassert themselves.

 We've got to stop "kicking the wasp's nest." If you want to know why we're so reviled in the Middle East and why we're still there, still giving money to crooks and thieves, like the heads of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, just do what Deep Throat advised:  Follow the money."  Then, give peace and yourselves a chance and a platform on the DayLightForum.

Posted by ..:: GregO ::.. at    08/02/2010   19:31:29
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