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Yesterday I wrote that we are sitting on a social ?powder keg? that could explode at any time. Fear, anger, feelings of hopelessness and inability to effect change can exist only so long until something has to give ? perhaps explosively. It?s easy to feel that, ?It could never happen here.?  But then most revolutions seem to be a surprise to government but not to the people. 

Empowering people with a true voice as the DayLight Forum is about to offer can relieve much of that tectonic stress by providing a visually powerful means for us to be heard at the Federal level and all the way down to Zip Code.  This cannot happen without a strong grassroots response by organizations like the burgeoning Tea Party.  The nonpartisan DayLight Forum can serve as a central platform for such entities on both sides of every issue. 

Tell your Tea Party Friends. Tell everyone. Show them the little DayLight video that describes what we are about to become and provide to ALL Americans regardless of race, creed or politics. You can access it by clicking on the golden map on the upper right-hand side of our DayLight Home page, or via this url: http://www.daylightforum.org/concept/index.html

Posted by ..:: GregO ::.. at    03/01/2010   19:51:20
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