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Responding to yesterday?s blog, ?DayLight?s Back On!? a Friend of DayLight from Arizona asked:

?My take on the pulse of things right now is that people are weary of politics.  I would guess the response to political matters would be quiet.  Am I off??

Weary of politics? Who isn?t? 

Weary but terrified about 1 out of 5 being unemployed; angry about Wall Street firms being bailed out, by the "little guy's" tax money while their families struggle and go without; angry about Wall Street firms betting against the very securities that they sell to us; terrified of what terrorist act comes next (how about cell phones, on airplanes, that can shoot bullets?); terrified of starving and seeing their children suffer; terrified of a government that spends wildly and then sics the IRS on people who cannot keep up?

 Fed up with a corrupt, feckless, Congress made up of "orators" who wouldn't last 6 months in the real corporate world; corrupt though it, too, often is. Yeah, we?re weary and afraid.

Two old sayings come to mind:  ?Anger is a mask for fear? and ?No nation is more than 3 square meals from a revolution.? Fear is a far more dangerous emotion than anger. We are sitting on a social ?powder keg.?  Don?t be surprised if the next terror wave comes from within.

Tell me, reader, what do you think?

Posted by ..:: GregO ::.. at    03/01/2010   16:58:07
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